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                    In my minimalistic photography I aim to capture the simple beauty I find within natural landscapes. Subjects that I find particularly inspiring include places where the land meets the sea in a collision of different elements and stunning colours. I use long exposure techniques and a great deal of patience to build depth and emotion, embodying the terrifying power of the sea within my photographs. I often find that the most powerful images are those that convey feeling without relying on too much detail, and the compositions in the minimalistic gallery are those that I feel reflect this particular strength in my photography.



                            There is no subject that I find more fascinating than the sea - it moves me in ways that no other landscape can. The photographs in the seascape gallery are some of the greatest images I have collected over the years, in which I have attempted to capture the terrifying magnificence of our world's oceans. Through poignant reflections of boats silhouetted against the sea and the sky, the drama of a storm as a lightning bolt hits the waves, or romantic images of lazy sea mist caressing the rocks as the sun sets in the background, I have aimed to convey the beauty I see in the ocean each and every day.



                                   The medium of black and white photography has lost some of its popularity in recent years, but it is still one of my favourite methods for creating dramatic, emotional images that leave a long-lasting impression upon the viewer. The black and white gallery features compositions that honour this art form, offering stark contrasts between the sea and the sky, removing colour and therefore allowing the viewer to focus on the wonderful textures that can be found in our natural world.



                             The vibrant images in this collection of underwater photography provide a glimpse into a magical, hidden landscape. Through advanced photographic techniques, I have been able to capture stunning wildlife on tropical coast lines. Friendly turtles and glittering fish swim through seas of turquoise and teal, amongst the lush, brightly coloured coral and seaweed that makes up their ocean home. The light and shadow we're used to within natural photography is transformed into something so much more ethereal in the underwater world. These are images that provide a truly unique perspective, and will make the perfect addition to any fine art or photography collection.